How to Please a Man in Bed and Give Him an Orgasm He Will Never Forget

by on September 11, 2011

If your sex life isn’t up to par or you aren’t giving your man the satisfaction that he desires in the bedroom, then something needs to change. your sex life is extremely important to the well being of your relationship and without that connection, you two are better off as friends and that is never good.

You need to save your sex life by being the one who takes the initiative and who makes the first move. You need to learn how to please a man in bed and how to give him an orgasm that he will certainly never forget. You need to learn some ultra sexy sex tips for women.

First of all, you need to learn what kind of pleasure your man wants the most. This is when an open communication is important in your marriage. You need to talk about your fantasies and what kind of pleasure you both want. Then, you can learn how to better please your man and how to give him an great orgasm.

Once you know what he wants, now is the time that you showed him what you are capable of. In order to please a man in bed, you need to focus on his pleasure and his orgasm. You need to give him the touch that he craves the most and most of the time, which consists of a rough touch. your man wants you to let go in the bedroom and to be rough with him. You can either do this with your hand, your mouth or your body. It doesn’t matter what you use, as long as you are rough with him because that is what he wants the most.

To give him an orgasm he will never forget, try using this sexy tip on him. During oral sex, while he is in your mouth, use your hands to give him one of the craziest sensations of his life. Place one hand on top of the other as if you were stacking it on his body. Then, twist your hands in opposite directions. This will give him a sensation that he never thought was possible. he won’t know what to do with himself and he will easily explode with pleasure.

As well, kiss your man often. Kissing is huge for men, even if he won’t admit it. Kissing him and allowing the raw passion to flow from your body will turn him on and definitely please him in the bedroom.

It’s time to put a big smile on your man’s face after you give him the best orgasm of his life. Make that happen tonight with these super sexy tips.

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