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by on March 30, 2012

Republican outlets are straining their eyes to see evidence of assault in the new Zimmerman tape. Why on earth should this be a partisan issue, one wonders? and how damning is it of our absurdly polarized culture that it is? Julian Sanchez proposes a possible empirical resolution:

When I was jumped about a year ago, the police who came to the scene took close-up photos of every visible injury—all, mercifully, quite minor—presumably so they could prove battery if they ended up catching the kids. this seems to be pretty standard procedure, and it’s unfathomable that they wouldn’t do the same in a case where those injuries are the main physical evidence backing a claim of self defense in the shooting of an unarmed teenager. I am not intimately familiar with Florida’s records laws, but it would also be pretty standard to have privacy exemptions barring the release of potentially sensitive photographs, such as those showing bodily injuries of identifiable crime victims. but in this case it would seem to be in Zimmerman’s interest to waive that protection if the photographs actually show serious injury.

Andrew’s Recent Keepers

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